autoRoyal - Changelog

  • Fixed marketplace dealer location bug.
  • Fixed a jQuery bugs.
  • Add fullscreen gallery on vehicle single page.
  • Updated rent reservation form
  • Updated rent card price from (minimum price)
  • Updated included plugins
  • Updated included plugins
  • Updated WooCommerce files
  • Fixed plugin translation missing string
  • Updated included plugins
  • Added author support for cars (in back-end).
  • Fixed currency position in search forms.
  • Updated included plugins.
  • Improved front gallery upload function: upload multiple images at once, reorder the images.
  • Fixed price currency position issue.
  • Fixed input mileage field issue.
  • Added top header bar.
  • Manual import vehicle details option added.
  • Show/Hide vehicle contact forms (Trade In, Financial Application, etc).
  • Included .pot file for autoRoyal plugin.
  • Fixed a few small css issues.

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